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Welding Assy

Appearance explanation
Our company is good at performing welding to the thin pipe intricately processed into three dimensions. Moreover, it is possible to perform medium-carbon-steel welding.
examples showing the use
Parts of "tool and agricultural machine", Construction equipment parts, Electrical machinery parts, others
Our company is good at the complicated welded product which uses Positioner. We also have the three-dimensional measuring instrument and can carry out size measurement also of the complicated thing easily.



Unlike welding, the brazing can perform junction of the raw materials of the quality of a different material.
Moreover, since parent material is not melted, since there is little deterioration of the quality of parent material, it can respond to a thin product.

Pressure test(Submersion examination)

To the product of which high reliability is required, a test jig can be designed and manufactured in our company, and we reply to all needs.
The inquiry about a product can be performed from here.

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