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2017/09/19 I remodeled an adoption information page.
2017/08/24 I had Tomato Bank hold a business training seminar of manners.
2017/08/20 I called on Mr. Oka Yamatsuji profit Sono and learned how to make tea real green tea.
2017/08/01 I participated in Okayama-ken industrial promotion foundation sponsorship "Corporation Jatco" exhibition business discussion meeting.
2017/06/15 It's certified in "the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, foundation Hospitality standard authentication, 2017", it was registered and it was approved.
2017/03/23 I had the Okayama Harada steel pipe Corporation and Shikoku Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. hold a study meeting of the pipe material.
2017/01/18 A cogon, oh, technology exhibition I participated in 2017.
2016/11/11 I received quality commendation from OG Giken Corporation.
2016/10/28 The third sectional campaign of a cooperation enterprise meeting of YANMER Corporation (seieikai) was held in us.
2016/10/19 YANMER Corporation Morimoto executive director came to our office.
2016/06/01 We got a letter of thanks from Sanyou equipment Corporation.
2016/04/19 I confided Kumamoto earthquake contribution to Sanyo Shinbun.
2015/07/23 We had them hold an educational seminar from Tomato Bank.
2015/07/10 It was authorized by a quality control excellent authorization factory from YANMER Corporation.
2015/03/06 Our company received a thankful certificate paper about management in a delivery day from New Delta Industrial Co.,LTD.
2014/12/24 Our company received official commendation of 10 year continuation of ISO from JACO.
2014/05/23 Our company received an excellent prize about improvement activity in fiscal year 2013 from EAGLE INDUSTRY CO., LTD..
2013/05/16 I took part in the exhibition business meeting,Nissan.
2013/04/05 Our company received the prize for effort about the quality assurance plan in the 2012 fiscal year from EAGLE INDUSTRY CO., LTD..
2013/03/25 昇日貿易(大連)有限公司was established.
2012/11/01 I revised the website.
2012/07/24 I took part in the exhibition business meeting,Honda Motor Co.,Ltd..
2011/11/02 I took part in the exhibition business meetings Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd..
2011/06/23 A contract of the first research was made in the cooperation project with Tomato Bank-sponsored 中国職業能力開発大学校.
2011/03/31 RSK Sanyo broadcast radio came to interview.
2011/03/17 I sent a donation towards the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2010/02/26 The mini lecture meeting of the flower project of a field was held at the head office and the Saidaiji factory.
2007/12/01 Acceptance of internship for the foreign student of "GRADUATE SCHOOL OF NATURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY".
2006/02/06 Seirei Industry Co., Ltd. of the Yanmer group authorized our company to "Quality control superior authorization factory ".
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Quality control

  Saidaiji factory / headquarters is we have obtained ISO9001
  as part of the order to carry out our goal to provide quality products
  that satisfy customers and trust motto technology.

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