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Quality policy

We are acting based on three pillars, in order to offer the product with which a visitor can be satisfied. Management of a product and a process is performed in the first place strictly. Our company is ensuring "flow management of the product by a mission critical system function" and "initial flow management when a product goes up." We are building the base which carries out consistent production of the product by this. Next, we are bringing up the engineer in connection with production. By a skillful engineer's instruction, we take in a new item and are striving not to lag behind "the technology which progresses constantly."Expanding the range of a product producible by this, we have challenged various form. Facility development of our company for materializing "improved quality and cost reduction".We are studying every day the item for approaching our target which is not "only quality or only cost"

Moreover, we have obtained ISO 9001.In our company, ISO9001 is a guideline for carrying out three pillars. That is, it is not"an item which only attains a quality objective", and is "a hard-core rule of management of a company and a daily production activity."

Quality policy

To provide products that satisfy customers under the motto "technologies and reliability".

  1. Full participation
  2. Maintaining and improving quality management system

Quality activity guidelines

  1. Improve continuously pursue the purpose and value of products and services
  2. The product which our company supplied promotes the activity for "filling a customer demand and a social demand."
  3. We set an aim for quality policy realization and am active .
  4. We disclose quality information smoothly and plan improvement of the accomplishment constitution of duties.
  5. For promotion of quality activity, I plan for communication of a policy and permeation of the quality to all employees.
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