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Fusion of human skill and state-of-the-art

Combining the "technology" by man, and "automation" by a machine, our company holds down cost as much as possible, and, moreover, realizes high quality with a various kind.

Our company does integrated production also of "one part" and the "The complicated parts welded and assembled".

Our company can perform processing bent to complicated three dimensions without using a metallic mold using the technology accumulated about Shaft, Pipe, wire processing, etc.
Moreover, our company can make even welding Assy and assembly work from child part processing consistently, has improved processing equipment and has realized automation.

Equipment and technology which can satisfy all needs exactly

Our company has the equipment which can satisfy a visitor's various needs by an abundant model and experience about all sizes.
Moreover, it is possible to make even a large lot from a trial production and a small lot. Moreover, our company provides for broad uses, such as a car, an agricultural opportunity, construction machinery, and medical equipment.

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