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Pipe /Wire rod vender processing

Appearance explanation
Complicated three-dimensional "round bar/Pipe bending" can be manufactured without a metallic mold.

round bar:It is possible to process the raw material up to phi22 mm.
Pipe:It is possible to process the raw material up to phi80 mm.
examples showing the use
The parts of a car,Parts of "tool and agricultural machine", Construction equipment parts, Electrical machinery parts, others
Our company holds various equipment, such as "a single vendor, a pipe vendor, and 3D vendor." Therefore, the optimal method of structure for a lot and form can be done. Since a press machine is not used, the construction method which held down preparation expense can be constructed.

After treatment technology

バルジ加工 バルジ加工


We manufacture in the form which suited needs.
Moreover, since there is bulging leased facility, design and manufacture of metal pattern and jigs & tools can be performed.
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